Apple’s quarterly report shows the enormous popularity of iOS

Yesterday Apple presented the official results for the second quarter of 2011. For this quarter Apple posted revenue of $28.57 billion and net profit of $7.31 billion. In comparison with the year before this has rougly been doubled.

The report shows the increasing popularity of the iPhone and iPad. The iPhone was sold 20.34 million time, up 142 percent from the year-ago quarter. During the quarter iPad sales grew 183 percent reaching 9.25 million. The total amount of iOS devices that Apple has sold so far is 222 million.

The iOS operating system turns out to be very successful in the business world as 92 percent of the companies on the Fortune 500 list has adopted the iPhone as standard or is testing the adoption. Currently 57 percent of the international Global 500 companies has deployed or tested the iPhone. The fact that the iPad is launched in 36 new countries, now in total of 64, will possibly contribute to a further increase.

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