New Yorker proves content is more important than interactivity

With the release of the iPad the future looked bright for magazine publishers; a user group that’s willing to pay for content and completely new interactive possibilities. Since the iPad was launched the main tactic of publishers was to seduce this user group with interactive issues.

De popularity of tablets is increasing, but it still remains difficult for publishers to find the key to success. Condé Nast is one of the publishers that focussed on utilizing the interactive possibilities with publications like Wired, GQ and Glamour. This didn’t bring the expected result leading to disappointment, especially considering the labor intensive preparations.

For the app of The New Yorker magazine Condé Nast tried a different approach; instead of interactivity the focus is now on readability. This choice made The New Yorker the most successful digital publication of this publisher. The iPad app has 100,000 readers including about 20,000 people who bought subscriptions at $59.99 a year. Additionaly, more than 75,000 print subscribers use the offer to read the magazine for free on the iPad.

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