Tablet and eReader owners want more digital magazines

A study of The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) illustrates the popularity of digital magazines. All respondents of the study have read a digital magazine before and at least three quarters of them does this on a weekly basis. An important conclusion is that 63 percent of the respondents want more digital magazine content. The majority doesn’t necessarily read less print magazines, 46 percent of those surveyed read even more magazines than before.

Another interesting outcome is the fact that two out of three rather wants a magazine’s digital version to be just like the printed magazine. The logical lay-out and natural navigation are the main reasons for this, therefore these aspects aren’t considered to be user-friendly in most apps. The presence of photos and video is a valuable enhancement according to the vast majority.

The American association, having it’s abbreviation based upon the former name Magazine Publishers of America, has surveyed 1,009 people aged 18 or over living in the United States. Apple’s iPad was by far the most popular device among the respondents followed by the Galaxy Tab of Samsung. The Amazon Kindle was the best represented eReader.

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