Tablet is extremely popular among physicians

Research of the online community for physicians QuantiaMD shows that tablets are very popular among physicians. The survey was taken by 3,792 physicians and 30 percent of them owns a tablet, 65 percent of the remaining part plans to buy one. The iPad is by far the most popular tablet. It’s remarkable that age and years of experience hardly influences the usage of tablets.

Tablets are mostly being used for looking up drug and treatment reference material. Besides that many physicians use tablets for learning about new treatments and clinical research and for support regarding treatments and diagnosing.

Smartphones have gained widespread adoption among physicians as well. Apple’s smartphone is represented best as about half the respondents owns an iPhone. The physicians that don’t own a tablet or smartphone are considering the adoption of such a device, 39 percent is thinking of purchasing an iPhone and 27 percent is thinking of buying an iPad.

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